Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Runnin' with the Big Dogs

Yes, it has been four months since I've blogged.
Yes, I have been extremely busy lovin' on my two three little loves (okay my husband counts too but he's not little :)
Yes, I've updated my blog to tell you this little story:

Today Lauren and I went to the park to play with some friends from church.  Well, apparently, so did about 75 middle schoolers.  Well, maybe 5th graders?  I'm not exactly sure how old they were but they decided to take over the park.  Lauren has always loved playing with "big kids."  She would rather play with the big kids than with kids her own age.  I don't know... is that weird?  Maybe it is because they can pick her up, spin her around, and will follow her any where she wants to go.  She was enjoying the slides when about 20 middle schoolers invaded the play ground equipment.  I was getting nervous because I kept losing her in all the bodies.  That's when she found Katie.  Katie was sitting on the playground with her friend talking and Lauren walked up to her grabbed her hand and made Katie go down the slide with her.  Katie kept escaping back to her friend who was still sitting in the same location where Lauren found them and every time Lauren would find her, grab her hand and make her play.  This happened like three times before Katie gave up escaping and just played with her.

I captured two pictures with my phone of sweet little Katie pushing Lauren on the swings.  Any of my Indianola friends know this girl?  If so, let me know... She'd make a good babysitter one day.  :)

Yes, I am a bit freaked out about the fact that Lauren knows no stranger.
Any tips on how to explain to your two year old that not everybody is a friend?
And yes, I hope Lauren continues to be outgoing and make friends easily.  I just pray she will be able to discern the good people from the bad.  We're doing good so far.  :)

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