Friday, August 5, 2011

Nick Jr.

Nick and I went to my first ultrasound the other day for Baby Sea Turtle (aka Baby G #2) and are super excited to be welcoming a BOY into our family. This just means G2 has yet another nickname. Yep, Nick Jr. This will make for nickname number 3 and he isn't out of the womb yet. :) Before we left for the appointment we both guessed it was a boy. I don't know just a huntch I guess. Everything about this pregnancy has been completely different (I am well aware that can happen even if it was another girl). With Lauren my face also broke out like a 14 year old boy and I had no morning sickness, I really didn't feel pregnant at all until she started moving. This time, I was nauseous the entire first trimester but thankfully I didn't look like a middle school student. Oh the things those girl hormones can do to you! And, by the way, don't tell Nick, but I was secretly hoping for another little girl even though all my instincts were telling me it was a boy. Not because I didn't want a boy, actually I think boys are WAY more fun to shop for than girls but everything we have is for a girl. I don't know I guess I had sisters close in age to me and that's what I wanted for Lauren. Oh well, maybe next time. :)

We are praising the Lord that everything with the baby looked perfect! Pregnancy is definitely a time in my life where I feel totally out of control and helpless. Its not up to me how the baby forms or if it will be born with a disability. And even if it is born healthy there is no guarantee how long they will live, will we be able to raise them into adulthood? and see them get married and have children of their own? Nor is there a guarantee that Nick and I will be around to raise them. Such a scary thought (to me). I have to completely trust that God has a perfect plan for my life and our family and He will provide for our family and give us the perfect little person who He sees fit. I'm thankful that God has given us the opportunity to raise Lauren. We can't imagine not having her in our life and look forward to the other little person God has chosen for us :)

Now, the hard part begins... coming up with a name we agree on. We are open to suggestions... Lauren Amelia and..... ??