Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tag Queen

Lauren has always had a love for silky things. At the beginning, she loved a stuffed lamb (that we named Lala) because it had a ribbon around its neck that she would feel and rub between her fingers.

Here is 7 month old Lauren with Lala and Great Nana (Nick's Grandma)

Lala used to go with us everywhere. Which was great in the summer! Instead of carrying around a heavy blanket, we carried around Lala. That was until she started loving her blankie.

Lauren has like 7 blankets that were either made for her as an infant or given to her at my baby shower. And she only likes two. Yep, two. This is because they have very large tags. (Big props to Babies R Us for making large tags on baby blankies). Here is another picture of Baby G starting to like blankies.

I was talking with my Mother-in-Law, Robin, one day about how she only likes two of her blankets. Which most of the time isn't a problem, except for when they are dirty or she was sleeping with both of them and they got pee'd on during the night (she frequently wakes up wet, stinky diaper leakage). And plus, one tag was loved on so much it started ripping off! Anyway, she had this brilliant idea of sewing on a piece of ribbon...why didn't I think of that? Now Lauren enjoys the blankies she didn't like so much anymore. All because of a piece of ribbon. Oh, and, by the way, she has a lightweight "summer" blanket that now has a tag thanks to Robin. Summer is no longer an issue. Genius, I tell you! Genius! I have the best Mother-in-Law!

Here is Lauren loving the "ribbon tag" Grandma Robin sewed on. Thanks Grandma you're the best!

Now that we got that out of the way and you understand my child. Here she is carrying around a bib. Enjoy! :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring? In February?

Today was a wonderful wonderful day. Not only because it was Valentines Day but the mounds of snow are melting and the weather was BEE-utiful for February (temp in the upper 40's). So after we ate our heart-shaped pancakes we headed outside to enjoy the spring air.
Last fall, Papa and Grandma Christy (Nick's Dad and Step-Mom) gave Lauren this little tykes gym/slide type thing. Well for the entire winter its been stored in our backyard (under snow) so today we uncovered it and she played on it for the first time....she LOVES it! Thanks Papa and Grandma :)

I especially love being a stay at home mom now that Lauren is starting to play. Don't get me wrong I love babies and I don't want to wish her life away but she's interacting and she understands what we say and most of the time she will respond in her own version of mumbo jumbo. But its great because most of the time I understand her (nobody else does but I do)!

Another gift that Lauren got last year (for her Birthday) was this fisher price lawnmower. Last fall she wasn't able to play with it because she didn't start walking until 13 months (she was a little behind, but its okay:) and by the time she was steady on her feet it was well into winter. Here are some cute pictures of her "mowing the concrete" as we called it. The grass was icky and slushy and still full of snow. But instead of "pushing" the lawnmower she "pulled" the mower. So for those of you who are wondering how to mow the cement.... that's how we do. :)