Thursday, May 31, 2012

5 Months

Little Mister, 

You are officially 5 months old.  I. can't. believe. it.  I mean, yeah, I can.  The days have been looonnnnggg but the months have been going by quickly.  We are finally starting to figure out the reasons for your tummy troubles.  Milk is not your friend.  And neither is soy.  You are starting to eat more solid foods and haven't really rejected anything I've given you.  You'll eat green beans and prunes but disliked bananas at first.  You are getting more used to them and don't spit them out like you used to.  

You are getting more animated with your facial expressions.  You absolutely love it when Lauren pushes and pulls you in your walker.  You just smile and giggle and then Lauren starts giggling...I love how you interact with your sister.  You two are fun to watch.  You are learning how to use your arms and hands more.  You reach for toys and pull them to your mouth, and you like to reach up and touch our faces.  You love to grab my hair but your sister doesn't so much love it when you grab hers.  So... could you work on that please?  You got her good twice today.  Hilarious (but not to her)!

You hate to be on your tummy.  I put you on your tummy to play and you quickly roll to your back.  You definitely have mastered that skill.  You still haven't rolled from your back to your tummy...maybe we need to work on this?  But maybe you will just skip that step...

(here are a few pictures of me trying to capture him on his tummy)

Up on his arms for literally five seconds...

going down...
(notice Lauren trying to stop him from rolling over, ha!)

Okay, try this again.

going down.



Oh foot, how long have I had this?  Has this been attached to my leg all this time?  Foot, you are way more interesting than this picture taking stuff.  

Oh, and Mr. more thing we need to work on.  I need some more sleep for my survival.  So I really need you to need more sleep for your survival.  This getting up multiple times a night is cramping my style.  Coffee and naps are my best friend.  I do need to give you credit were getting up every hour and a half and now you are only up like three times a night.  But still, your sister spoiled me like none other sleeping through the night at 7 weeks.  So, lets work on this together now.  Okay... ready... go!

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