Friday, October 28, 2011


Around our home we have been trying to prepare Lauren for the arrival of her baby brother, as much as you can prepare a toddler for a new sibling.  We talk about the baby in Mommy's tummy and we volunteer in the church nursery once a month to get Lauren used to the idea of mommy holding a baby other than her.  She LOVES babies!  When the babies are sitting in their car seats or bouncy seat and start to get fussy she is always quick to run over and help.  "Mommy, I rock" she says..which means she wants to help "rock" them to calm down.  So, as gently as a two year old can, tips the car seat or bouncy seat back and forth to rock it. She loves to hug and kiss them...and even held her cousin Xenia when she was only a few weeks old.  Thankfully when she sees me holding a baby it doesn't really bother her anymore.

Because of her love for babies we have been playing with baby dolls A LOT.  Daddy is the professional baby wrapper as we like to call it.  He can swaddle those baby dolls so tight that Lauren can't get the blankets off.  Ha!  I don't even come close to his professional wrapping services.  My blankets always fall off....gotta keep that guy around!  He's a good daddy!
She likes to give her babies pacifiers, change their diapers, and say, "shhh, shh, shhh" when one of them is crying.  Also, as you'll see in the pictures below...the shopping cart has become the stroller.  It can hold five swaddled babies and sometimes six.  We joke around that she had sextuplets overnight.  haha!  She will make a great little mommy big sister.  

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  1. That is an eye-popping header when you are pregnant Missy! I saw that and said "What?"!